Is it time to reconsider Google AdWords?

At Shout, those clients who have known us a while, know we have not been especially keen on Google Adwords in the past, believing that SEO was a better investment – especially long term.

Certainly, all the evidence supports this; surely a visitor who has found the site organically, or through a blogpost or insight on social media, will be a warmer lead.

According to Search Engine Land 70 to 80% of search engine users only focus on the organic results ignoring paid ads.  On top of that, we see 4 compelling upsides to a properly structured SEO campaign.


A good position at the top of the organic rankings will influence perceived credibility of your business within the searching audience Many users skip ads, according greater credibility to organic results and this visibility gives your business a crucial stamp of approval.

Cost per click

Once set up, all organic traffic to your website is effectively free.  Developing and managing the SEO campaign takes time and budget, but there is no cost per click.

The Long Term

Unlike pay per click, traffic achieved through SEO is sustainable paying. Even is budgets are cut, the investment in SEO is still working for you.

Beating the Competition

Once your business is ranking well in the organic results for a set of keywords, your competitors will find it hard to move you from this position. Even if they buy their way in  through pay per click, your business will have greater credibility and more trust, because that’s what the stats say.

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